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Black Revolution, California, dope beats, and fresh rhymes. The essence of Tyson onBEATS in 9 words or less. Tyson Amir and onBEATS both developed their artistic abilities in San Jose’s underground hip hop scene. As their careers evolved they developed a mutual respect for each other’s ability and planned on creating full-length projects in the future. Tyson recorded and toured extensively with Remarkable Current while onBEATS worked with a number of underground hip hop acts such as Planet Asia, Rasco, and Stones Throw. In 2010 the two reconnected and broke ground on what was to become Purpose. The first full-length project under the group name Tyson onBEATS. The duo has continued to create and recorded their sophomore album Tradition in 2015-2016. 

Tyson published his first book Black Boy Poems in October 2016 and has been deeply involved in community organizing, institution building and revolutionary political education and implementation since. onBEATS has been curating hip hop classics non-stop since he first touched production equipment. Tyson onBEATS is back in the studio as our world is attempting to navigate this social, cultural and political turbulence. 

Tyson onBEATS


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